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Frank Johnson (frankjohnson)

Frank Johnson is first and foremost an observer of life.

Frank enjoys analysing and exploring all aspects of life on planet Earth and expressing his personal perspective on the nitty gritty of it all.

As a result of his observations, Frank likes to write about travel.

Travel Articles by Frank Johnson

Travel to Austria:
If you want to travel to Austria, here are some quick facts you should know when you go.

Travel to China:
The wonderful advantage to travelling China is that there is no right or wrong place to start.

Travel to England:
The sun may have set on the English Empire of history books, but by no means is England's worldly cultural influence waning.

Travel to France:
No country embodies the grandeur of European travel quite like France.

Travel to Germany:
Germany has long been a mover and shaker of European history, creating waves in time for the rest of the continent to ride out.

Travel to Greece:
It is nearly impossible to comprehend the magnificently eclectic and robust concoction that has become today's Grecian society without exploring the region first-hand.

Travel to Holland:
Tulips, windmills and wooden shoes might still be a draw to this Dutch region for some travellers.

Travel to Hong Kong:
If tranquillity and serenity are adjectives you would use to describe the perfect trip, leave Hong Kong out of your itinerary.

Travel to India:
Grandly protruding into the Indian Ocean, India is more of a continent than a country.

Travel to Italy:
If you want to experience Europe, you need to travel to Italy. No other country on earth offers the depth, breadth, and scope of Italy.

Travel to Japan:
If you're determined to explore Asia but unsure which country to visit, you might want to set your sights on Far East Asia and travel to Japan.

Travel to Korea:
South Korea is one of the smaller nations in Asia, with a size comparable to the state of Indiana.

Travel to Russia:
For a country that encompasses an area of over 10.5 million square miles, it is no coincidence most people know very little about Russia, aside, of course, from textbook blurbs of Tsarist rule, Mongolian raids, bloody revolutions and snowy, desolate Steppes.

Travel to Switzerland:
The thought of Switzerland strikes up images of enchanting castles, milk chocolate, fine cheese speckled with holes, sturdy watches and the Matterhorn.

Travel to Taiwan:
From the island's tallest building to its tallest peak, Taiwan has something exceptional to offer every kind traveller.

Travel to Vietnam:
Winding down 3,444 kilometers of coastline from the northern Red River Delta near the Chinese border to the Mekong Delta at the southernmost tip of the Southeast Asian peninsula, Vietnam is a splendid blend of picturesque coastline and lush inland terrain.

Truly Travel Spain:
Months would be needed to travel Spain's diverse cultures and distinct regions. With more limited time, these fascinating destinations provide an intimate window into the authentic Spanish way of life.

Visiting Tokyo:
It may be ironic that one of the most expensive cities in the world also has one of the most rampant and flamboyant consumer cultures.

Contact Frank Johnson

Contact Frank Johnson

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