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Tango in Buenos Aires

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While on a walking tour of Buenos Aires you will see many exhibitions of street tango along with a vast range of tango souvenirs, tango music stores, tango artists and tango accessories on almost every street corner.

How to Choose a Tango Show in Buenos Aires?

However, the most important tango experience that no traveler should miss out on, is a visit to a professional tango performance.

In Buenos Aires there is tango for everyone; from passionate lovers to curious tourists; from young adventurers looking for low budget tango experiences to senior travellers expecting a more fancy artistic evening.

If you prefer a more holistic experience you can choose a full program of tango dinner show with tango lessons, or opt for just the tango show; if you are not used to having dinner at the late Argentinean time.

Tango in Buenos Aires

There are also tango shows which incorporate samples of Buenos Aires folklore aimed at those looking for a broad picture of the musical culture of the country; or tango exhibits that compile its history in a few dancing acts, for those looking to look deeper into the development of this rhythm and its adaptation to the modern times.

What Type of Tango Aficionado Are You?

When striving for perfection, every small detail counts. The same too applies for travelling. If you’re going to spend one whole night at a Tango Show, not to mention spending quite a few dollars, of course you want the show to be aptly suited to your needs.

To ensure that both your tango experience and your vacation in Buenos Aires are thoroughly enjoyable, here are some simple guidelines based on our experience from fellow customers.

- If you are willing to try few steps of tango, opting for a Tango Dinner Show with Lessons will be both fun and fulfilling. Complejo Tango and Sabor A Tango include tango dancing before the dinner.

- If you are looking for Innovative Tango Dinner Show then either Madero Tango has a modern version of this art or Piazzolla Tango - which recreates the famous Four Seasons piece written by Astor Piazzola, one of the biggest innovators of Tango - will offer you a contemporary and professional show.

- If you get bored easily and you need something more spectacular - with innovative lighting, a unique stage, original music, and exclusive performance - then Senor Tango is definitely the place to visit.

- If you are interested in spending an evening immersed in authentic sample of local culture, surrounded by professional tango and the rhythm of Argentinean folklore, then you should think in a Cultural Interest Tango Show in San Telmo such as El Viejo Almacen and La Ventana. Sabor A Tango also offers an outstanding gaucho skills and folklore show.

- If you are a bohemian and you want a traditional, unpretentious tango experience, then El Querandi or Taconeando in San Telmo, or Esquina Homero Manzi in the neighbourhood of Boedo, will offer you a classic and romantic performance.

Budget Travel in Argentina

Buenos Aires on a Budget.

If you are travelling on a budget and simply want to complete your Buenos Aires 'must-do' list, then choosing a Tango Show without the dinner will still be an enjoyable experience.

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