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General Travel Articles

Round The World Travel.

Airline Magazines - In-Flight Reading:
Even if you bring your own reading material on board, chances are you’ll need a break and choose to (at least) scan the reading material the airline provides for you.

Columbus Day:
Cristóbal Colón is credited with the discovery of America; although the Italian, who thought he was a Spaniard, didn't realise there was another continent there at all.

Digital Travel Photography:
The art of taking photographs hasn't changed although it seems more people are using telephones to call the shots.

Travel used to be about discovering new and exciting places. It used to be about discovering new people to talk to, new foods that send you screaming to the bathroom, and new stories that regale your friends.

Farewell Pope John Paul:
World traveller, His Holiness Pope John Paul II makes his final journey and we would like to wish him Bon Voyage. While we can not join him on this final leg of his earthly trip, we can look back at the parts of the world he touched.

Favourite Travel Destinations:
Travellers who wrote about their favourite destinations.

How to Find the Best Hotel Deals Online:
To find the best hotel deals online it helps to know where to look before you book.

Las Vegas Hotel Casinos:
It’s not often that you have the opportunity to experience a real-life fantasy when you book a hotel room but in Las Vegas the hotels are out of this world, literally!

Formula 1 Travel:
Combining major sporting events, like Forumla 1, with travel plans appeals to many. So, with one eye on the 2010 F1 calendar, we have done the research for you.

Rail Travel:
Trains are a great way to travel. They'll pick you up and drop you off in the middle of major cities, and they travel through some of the best countryside on the planet.

Swiss Cannabis Find:
Thanks to satellite images from Google Earth, Swiss police were alerted to a cannabis plantation outside of a small village in Eastern Switzerland.

The Literary Traveller:
There are travellers who have returned to write a book, and then there are the great writers who travel. Are they producing travel diaries or literature?

Travel Guides - Which Guidebook to Travel With?
Travel Guides are a Godsend and a tremendous amount of research has gone into them, but they can be a little patronising at times. Don't cling to them religiously, as many travellers do. They are not the bibles that they are made out to be, and are often out of date before they are published.

Virtual Journeys - Webcams Around The World:
Go on a virtual journey, live around the World; where if a picture says a thousand words, the webcams will talk you to death.

Regional Directory - Search The Web - Top Travel Blogs and Websites.

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